Dr Alban Mannisi

Senior Lecturer | Architecture and Design

School of Architecture and Design | College of Design and Social Context




Dr. Alban Mannisi is a Landscape Urbanist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Urban Design. His research focuses on the emerging political ecology implementation in landscape planning and the social ecology deployment through various indigenous environmental mediation.. His recent projects decipher the globalisation of sustainable narrative and the foundation of localised citizen resistance to translate intangible landscape components in environmental design.

Deeply concerned with environmental, social and social injustice issues, he develops appropriate environmental observation protocol that translates associated human/ non-human conflicts into resilient spaces. With the increasing illegibility of the environmental construction of our societies, he elaborates a Political Philosophy of Landscape to decipher the generation / de-generation; re-generation cogs of our fragile landscape mutation to produce ethical design and equitable planning.

Intrigued by how connected histories and hybrid cultures model our scape, he has lived, practised or taught in France, Korea, Singapore, England, Thailand, Japan and now Australia, involving him in a variety of projects among 13 different countries in collaboration with the professionals in various fields, such as landscape architects; planners, architects, urban; territorial planners, environmentalists, governmental officers, researchers and academics.

Director of the landscape planning platform SCAPETHICAL, Alban Mannisi holds a PhD in Territorial Planning from the School of Architecture Paris-La Villette, a Master of Landscape Architecture from the Architecture and Landscape School of Bordeaux (MLA) and a Master of Fine Arts from the National Schools of Fines Arts of Nantes (MFA).


ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0002-7249-6709