SCCAR Workshop and Launch
100.10.003, 18/10/17 9am-3:30pm



0900-0930 Open/Morning Tea
0930–0950 Introduction by the ECP directors: Dist. Prof Billie Giles-Corti (Urban Futures), Prof Mark Sanderson (Information Systems Engineering, and Prof Julian Thomas (Social Change);
0950–1000 Introduction and aims of workshop (Matt Duckham)
1000–1030 Lightning Talks One (Participants: 2mins each, 1 slide)
1030-1130 Tags Exercise (Group Activity: Identify and capture key research areas of spatial across RMIT)
1130–1200 Lightning Talks Two (Participants: 2mins each, 1 slide)
1200–1245 Lunch
1245–1345 Case Studies Exercise (Group Activity: Identify and briefly write up impact case studies
1345–1430 Increasing Capability (Group Activity: Identify the added value of “spatial”)
1430–1500 Next Steps for the Network: (Open Session: Events, Training, Collaboration)
1500–1530 Afternoon Tea/Close