Mapping in Minutes: Textron/RMIT Grand Challenge

Mapping in Minutes: Textron/RMIT Grand Challenge

6 December 2018, 10-4pm
RMIT University, 080.08.010

Co-organized by the Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre RMIT (SWLC) and the Spatial Capability Cluster at RMIT (SCCAR)


Exploring and mapping unfamiliar, dynamic, and hazardous environments is the required basis for situational awareness and informed action. Supporting accurate and timely mapping relies on the integrity and performance of a complex system of systems, including:

  • High integrity and accurate GPS, including in GPS denied environments;
  • Integrated and innovative sensor systems for mapping, including LIDAR, imagery, satellite remote sensing, radar, and acoustic sensors;
  • UAV/RPAS sensing platforms, including environmentally-responsive camouflage, counter UAV, and environmental energy harvesting, and meteorology sensing;
  • Autonomous systems, collaborative sensor swarms, and manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T);
  • Robust, low energy and secure communications, connecting across multiple platforms and ensuring seamless operation across different domains;
  • Scaleable and efficient big data analytics, enabling timely processing, exploitation, and dissemination of derived and actionable intelligence.

Most importantly, in these making tasks, time is of the essence. Moving from mapping in days or hours, to mapping in minutes or even real-time mapping simultaneously at multiple scales requires a step change in the coordination, resilience, adaptability, and efficiency of our systems.

In this workshop we will explore with Textron the research capabilities at RMIT to collaborate on a major DST NGTF (Next Generation Technologies Find) funding proposal to address some aspect of this grand challenge. All researchers with an interest in any of the areas identified, or with ideas for cognate technologies or innovations, are strongly encourage to participate. The expected outcome of the workshop will be a plan for developing a team for a focused research proposal with Textron.


This workshop is co-organized by the Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre RMIT (SWLC) and the Spatial Capability Cluster at RMIT (SCCAR) with capability development funding from the RMIT ISE (Information Systems Engineering) ECP.

  • RMIT Workshop Chairs: Associate Professor Suelynn Choy (Geospatial Sciences), Professor Michelle Gee (SLWC), Professor Matt Duckham (SCCAR)
  • Workshop Facilitator: Phil Delaney (FrontierSI)
  • Workshop Coordination: Rebecca Rigbye