Spatial Visualisation Skills Workshop

Tuesday 21 November 2017, 1pm-5pm
RMIT University, Building 80, Level 2, Room 17

Dr Sarah Goodwin


SCCAR network members are invited to a free half-day Skills Workshop on Spatial Visualisation.

Workshop participants can expect to:

  • gain an overview of basic spatial visualisation design principles;
  • learn about more advanced techniques for visualising complex and uncertain spatial data; and
  • broaden your knowledge of different visualisation techniques, tools, and technology.

The workshop will provide opportunities to discuss visualisation of your own spatial and spatiotemporal data, and the tools that are available, such as R, QGIS, ArcGIS, Tableau, Mapbox, and Carto.

This Skills Workshop is an outcome from the recent SCCAR Workshop and Network Launch.

Outline program

Program below is indicative, and subject to change. A more detailed program will be released in the week before the workshop. Numbers are limited to 20 participants.


1:00pm Introduction and icebreaker
Group Activity I: What would you like to know, see, and do with (your) spatial data?
Presentation: Dr Sarah Goodwin on Visual Awareness, including basic principles, spatial visualisation techniques, and representation of uncertainty.
Group Activity II: Revisit visualising (your) spatial data
Presentation and discussion: Key visualisation tools, with a focus on a priority tool for the group, such as R, QGIS, ArcGIS, Tableau, MapBox, and Carto.
4:00pm Reception: Drinks and nibbles reception for informal discussion and networking.

About the Workshop Leader

Dr Sarah Goodwin is a post-doctoral researcher in spatial visualisation in the School of Science, RMIT. Before working at RMIT, she worked at some of the leading research centres for spatial visualisation around the world, including the giCentre at City University in London, UK; the g2Lab at Hafen City University in Hamburg, Germany; and the Immersive Analytics & SensiLab, Monash University. She is currently leading the development of new spatial visualisations to help understand hepatitis-B epidemiology, as part of a collaborative project between RMIT University and University of Melbourne funded by the CRC for Spatial Information.

Sarah Goodwin

Sarah Goodwin