Dr Amy Griffin

Associate Professor Ellie Rennie

Senior Lecturer

School of Science

College of Science, Engineering and Health


My area of expertise lies in understanding how perceptual, cognitive and affective processes shape how people work with spatial information, including in the form of maps or other information visualisations. I do empirical work with spatial information users to identify ways to design better maps and other representations of spatial information.

I am a broadly trained geographer and I have also undertaken applied geospatial research in the domains of transportation (visualising road/rail interactions for a future with autonomous vehicles), history (spatiotemporal analysis of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War), hazards (bushfire, cyclones, floods), health geography (impacts of time scarcity on health), land use/land cover change, and gender inequality (in access to international higher education).


ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6792-9744