SCCAR FrontierSI Workshop

Thanks to everyone who participated in the hugely successful SCCAR FrontierSI Workshop in November. We had a fabulous showcase from FrontierSI, partners DELWP, Position Partners, and Symbolix, and from RMIT staff. A warm “thank you!” to all the presenters: Director, Research Engagement and Business Development Liz Jazwinska; Dr Graeme Kernich, FrontierSI Chief Executive Officer; Dr Phil Collier, FrontierSI Research Director & Deputy CEO; Dr Nathan Quadros, FrontierSI Chief Commercial Officer; Amelia Chapman, Director, Land Information and Spatial Services, DELWP; James Millner, Positioning Infrastructure Manager, Position Partners; Elizabeth Stark, Managing Director, Symbolix; and all the RMIT Spatial Researchers, Prof Allison Kealy, Dr Safoora Zaminpardaz, A/Prof Chris Bellman, Dr Chayn Sun, Dr Amy Griffin, Dr Melanie Davern.