Sultana Nasrin Baby

Associate Professor Ellie Rennie

PhD Candidate

School of Science|

College of Science Engineering and Health

Nasrin has worked in the GIS/ Photogrammetric/RS/3D/ GPS systems field for almost 15 years. She is extremely proficient in MapInfo, ESRI GIS suite (ArcSDE, GeoDatabases & ArcGIS Server Services), Micro Station, Global Mapper, Google SketchUp, Auto CAD, and ERDAS, DATEM. 3D modelling, LiDAR modelling, Mobile mapping, Open Source Software. Highly experienced in GIS applications development for: Natural Park Management, Property Management, Hydrology Modelling, PRA GIS Linkage, GIS business analysis, Sea level rise, Climate Change Adaptation, Flood Mapping, Vegetation mapping and Canopy height modelling from liDAR. She is PhD Candidate – Geospatial Sciences School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences. RMIT University, Melbourne.
PhD research topic: Spatial Decision Support System for Coastal Flood Management in Victoria, Australia.