Muhammed Arif

Muhammed Arif

Research Fellow

School of Engineering

College of Science, Engineering and Health


I am currently working on “Modelling of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel cell”. One of the main factors that have influenced the development of fuel cells has been the increasing concern about the environmental consequences of fossil fuel utilization in the production of electricity and for the propulsion of vehicles. More importantly is the increasing global awareness of how industry activities influence the environment and how a sustainable energy development can be achieved with a tremendously increasing world population. Fuel cells may help to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and diminish poisonous emissions into the atmosphere. When pure hydrogen is used, the only products of this process are heat, electricity and water. Unlike a battery, fuel cells do not store energy. The energy conversion is achieved without making use of the materials that constitute an integral part of the fuel cell structure. It should be noted that fuel cells convert chemical energy directly into electricity without an intermediate combustion process.

Fields of Research: Mechanical Engineering